Do you know why gopis wear the ankle bells?

Sometimes gopis are seen to be wandering in the outskirts of Vrindavana. But when asked – why they are going there, they smile mysteriously and say: “Seva...”

What we don’t know is that a big secret hiding in their hearts, hearts tender like a soft butter, and burning of compassion, just like a gentle fire ready to burst out into flames by the wind of a sudden worry... What they know is that somewhere out in the world few small children went to the forests and fields looking for the berries for their dearmost friend Krishna, their prananatha. Often these small boys are so absorbed in the search that they wander far, far away, to the unknown places.

Such places look attractive to an innocent eye. They are full of green grass and wonderful flowers, with aroma spreading over the fields so enchanting that one feels very happy and believes that there is nothing better in the world. But nobody who heard of such places likes to go there, because they know that they are full of the dark blind wells: once falling in, one cannot get out for a long time, no matter how hard one can try or how long one can cry.

And in such places our boys come sometimes, and by providence or by mistake, someone may fall in such a dark well. Ah, no, he doesn’t get scared - he simply doesn’t know what it means! And he is not hungry, there are still some berries collected, and, with great hesitation, he may start eating them, in the mind talking to Krishna and sharing this little lunch with Him. But after some time it becomes even darker and colder in the narrow well, and soon will be a sunset; and he didn’t meet Krishna yet, alas! He misses Him so much, and Krishna also worries and feels intense separation from his dear friend. And, needless to say, gopis always know Krishna’s heart. They know they have to go out there and quickly return. And before going only thing they do – put their most melodious ankle bells...

Ah, those bells, what a magic they have! Anyone who heard them knows – they are not from this world. And anyone can recognize them; this sound comes directly to the heart and lightens the soul. Home. Yes, HOME!!!

... It is dark and cold in the well. Hunger and shivering, and only tears are warm... And suddenly he hears the noise. Is he hallucinating? Oh, no, this is too real – one cannot mistake when gopi is passing by, he hears the bells and cries out loudly “What is this sound?!!”

And one of the gopis heard the cry. She was searching anxiously and found the blind well. In no time many helpers come, their long braids and saris – everything is good for rescue. So much tears of happiness, laughter, and jokes! There is no limit to everyone’s joy when they start their journey back home, back to Vraj, following the sweet and soft song of anklebells: “Go-vinda, Go-vinda, Go-vinda...”

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