Relax Into Your Being

To expand our awareness of the frequencies in the etheric realm and how they relate to ourselves, we need to focus our attention and concentration on the process by which these frequencies are perceived. This is most essential when connecting to the divine. Although I have described this previously, I shall expand how this is consciously done.

The meditative state is the optimal means to tune and connect to living energy. Although meditation allows us to expand our awareness of our own energy it also allows us to be aware of other being’s energy and thus is the easiest way to connect to others. The goal of meditation is to transform our consciousness. Our normal waking consciousness consists of activity that demands awareness of the circumstances and situation of this act by receiving information through our senses, analyzing this information and choosing what to do next. This is known as the Beta stage of brain activity. We are alert and engaged. This state is useful for work and accomplishing tasks of all kinds. However, our level of awareness is limited. External stimuli more or less dominate our consciousness and modify it. Meditation places us in a deeper state of consciousness, a state that allows us to access parts of our brain, our energy, and our essence that are normally only partially available during some stages of sleep. Meditation has been clinically shown to produce relaxed and reflective Alpha waves. This is possible for most neophyte meditators. Those who are more advanced in the meditative arts can enter into Theta states where they are able to visualize at will. Even deeper states are possible. All of these states allow the meditator to tap into the innermost recesses of their consciousness as they desire.

Meditation is not hard. We have already discussed it to some extent in the earlier section about relaxation. Meditation is mainly a deep state of relaxation attained when one lets go of dominating influence of the body, external circumstances or the mind. A typical session of relaxation follows, and you can play some nice music and record yourself speaking this text if you wish:

Either sit in a lotus position on the floor, lay on the floor, or sit in a comfortable chair with your back straight and hands on your thighs. Move around until your feel comfortable and able to remain in this position for some time. When you are comfortable, be aware of your body. How does it feel? Are there any places where you feel discomfort? If so, move until the discomfort dissipates or tighten your muscles in that area and release them to relax. When you are comfortable, be aware of your breathing. Be aware of the air being drawn slowly into your lungs and then being slowly released. Simply pay attention to your breathing for a minute or so and allow your breathing to relax into a comfortable pace.

Be aware of the top of your head. Do this in a relaxed manner, without stress. Just feel the top of your head. Be aware of any tension or stress that has accumulated at the top of your head and release it until you feel totally relaxed at that spot.

Be aware of your ears. Let go of any stress of tension in that area. Relax your ears totally and completely. Now, be aware of the space between your eyes just above the beginning of your nose, in your forehead where so much tension and anxiety is held. Relax that area by letting all that tension and anxiety go. Let it all go and relax more and more. As you let go of all the stress that resides in your body, let it flow downwards towards your feet and drain out into the earth. Be aware of your eyes and relax them totally, letting go of all stress and anxiety. Let it all go more and more as all these unwanted things flow out down your body into the earth where they are absorbed and dissolved. Be aware of your nose, your mouth and your jaw and relax them all. Let your lower jaw drop as your teeth no longer clench or touch. Let go all the tension in your face and feel your entire head and face become totally relaxed, free from stress, tension and anxiety.

You have nowhere to go and nothing to do. You are fine where you are right now, right here as you go deeper and deeper into the relaxed state, letting go of all tension at the back of your head and neck. Be aware of your shoulders and where the neck meets the shoulders. Here is where tension accumulates. Let go of all the tension where your neck meets your shoulders and relax your neck and shoulders completely, letting go of all stress. Let go more and more as all tension flows down to the floor and dissolves. Relax your shoulder blades. Relax your chest. Feel your breath release as the tension and anxiety flows away. Relax your lower back. Relax your stomach and intestines. Breath for a moment and feel good about being so deeply relaxed. Relax your hips, your groin and your buttocks. Let go all tension and feel peace. Relax your thighs and knees as all remaining stress and anxiety flow down to the floor. Relax your shins, calves and ankles. Let all the remaining tension dissolve as you relax your feet.

Remain in this state of complete relaxation. Relax more and more as your consciousness goes deeper and deeper into itself, no longer distracted by the stress or tension that gripped your physical and mental bodies. Feel your natural energy in its natural state, free, unencumbered, and peacefully relaxed without anxiety.

Attaining this state of deep relaxation is a beautiful spiritual experience. It allows us to connect to our energy of being. This state is our natural one. All other wakened states are coverings over this inner peace and tranquility that we assume are part of living in this world. To some extent this is true, but once we experience the deep relaxation of the meditative state we see the great contrast between our natural state and our assumed state and we gain great power to adjust our responses to the artificial stress of modern live. Knowledge of the difference between peace and stress and the affect on our bodies and minds gives us the capacity to act in an expanded manner. Next —> Learning Connection