Awareness is the Key

What actually happens when we feel what others feel? How is this sensitivity attained and what heightens our empathy? The answer lies in the concept of tuning to the frequency of the person of interest. It is easier to explain this by describing the process by which someone with heightened awareness would tune to another person.

When a professional therapist sees a client, the parameters of this interaction are clear: The therapist is a professional who offers service to the client. The client expects to deal with the problems they already know about and uncover those they are not yet consciously aware of. The client knows that the therapist has the capacity to help him figure out what is going on. The typical client is already in the mood to be worked on, otherwise they would not come to a therapist ready to pay for his or her services. A smart client is ready to receive what the therapist offers. This receptivity activates the client’s “antenna.” The therapist is aware that his task is to figure out what the client needs to do or learn to better himself. The therapist also places himself in a receptive mood while he attempts to capture the energy of the client. In essence, they learn to tune their energy to create a healing atmosphere.

Tuning takes place when there is either such a natural similarity between two people that they are automatically in tune, or when there is enough desire and intention to create the tuning even if there are significant differences. In either case, the first step in the process of tuning is to accept the energy of the other party. Acceptance means that I want to connect to the other person, I allow that person’s energy to flow to me, I accept that energy and allow myself to feel it in all its aspects and qualities in a relaxed, non-judgmental and neutral mood. The more expectations or demands I have on myself or the other party, the less I will be able to accept their energy with sensitive awareness. Any expectation I have will block my awareness of the flow of their energy. To accept the energy of someone else, I have to simply allow it to be what it is without transforming it through the filter of my consciousness.

First we must accept the vibrations, the frequencies that come to us, in a neutral manner. Only by accepting them as they are can we comprehend their informational messages. We can assist ourselves to develop this sensitivity by visualizing ourselves to be an antenna. Our energy is a biological antenna that receives information all the time from the cosmos, the earth, the sky, nature, and other living beings. This antenna is our awareness. By consciously developing our capacity to be aware by visualizing ourselves as an antenna, our receptivity increases exponentially.

We can also transmit in the same manner. When we have a desire or a feeling, we generate an energetic wave pattern. When we allow that wave pattern to flow outwards to the world around us or to a specific person, we become a broadcaster. We transmit to others by concentrating on what we wish to broadcast and consciously visualizing this energy flowing to them. Other people will receive this broadcast according to their capacity and inclination.

The process of tuning requires that we know two essential arts; namely, how to be sensitive to energy from others and how to be sensitive to the energy we transmit. When we have developed advanced tuning capacities, we are able to modify our natural frequency by embracing the frequency of some other living being. It allows us to make connections to any living being at will. Such connections amplify our capability to be of service to others; for example, by saying just what they need to hear to solve a personal problem or by knowing when it is time to step in and prevent a personal catastrophe. How is this done?

Tuning is a combination of receptivity and broadcasting. I am personally a tree hugger. I love trees, or at least some of them. I go up to a tree, lean back against it, spread my arms around it and simply feel the tree’s energy. I feel its massive trunk as it reaches up to the sky and down into the earth. Above all, I feel its peace and the wisdom of its experience. I accept these wonderful qualities of the tree and simply stand there embracing it. After some time, my energy attunes to the energy of the tree. I feel as the tree feels, or at least as best I can in my human body. I speak with the tree, I greet it, I thank it and offer it my support. And I listen. I hear what it transmits to me, and it always does! I am living energy, the tree is living energy, and living energy can tune to living energy. Why not?

Even though my usual energy is not tree like, I modify my energy according to my desire. Even though I am not fixed to the earth or standing outstretched to the sky, I consciously accept this role when I wish to. I feel the energy of the tree and modify my own energy so that it vibrates in harmony with the tree. I tune my energy to the energy of the tree. I accept the energy of the tree, am aware of its nature and quality, and I tune or harmonize to that energy consciously.

This harmonic tuning is not different from any tuning I would naturally do when I express love or displeasure. I receive energy and I transmit it. I express myself energetically in my external transmissions. It is a conversation, a sharing, an energetic embrace. Children tune to plants or animals in this way. They sit near to a frog, close their eyes and become a frog. For children, tuning is easy as they have nothing to unlearn to do it, neither do they have the same self-consciousness that adults have who would find tuning to a frog somewhat unbelievable and who would be embarrassed if someone saw them attempt it. A child simply feels the energy of the animal and imagines herself being one. This imagination is not just fantasy. Visualization and imagination are very similar. Visualization means to not only see something, but to feel it or bring it towards us by the usage of our energetic awareness.

When we tune to another person, we accept that person’s frequency as our own, at least temporarily. When tuning is difficult due for some reason, people can find harmony through compromise. They each accept some of the energy of the other and tune in the middle. Large scale tuning takes place in groups of people when they share the same goal or ideal. They intend to work together, find benefit in creating harmony, and compromise a part of their energy for mutual gain. When we accept the frequency of another as our own, it gives us insight into the other person. This insight is valuable as it allows us to see from the eyes of the other person. This vision allows us to understand why people do what they do and this increases our capacity to help them in times of difficulties.

Everyone has this capacity to tune to others. We have it from birth and it remains always with us as a natural function of our living spiritual consciousness. It is our nature to tune and it is an important part of our life experience. Although we do not need to learn how to tune, we need to hear how we can use it consciously for spiritual advancement.
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