Welcome to the discussions area of Divine Harmony. Our members will post comments, essays, realizations, experiences, or testimonials here, and other content that they wish to share with you.

The purpose of this are is to give all of those who are within our community the chance to express themselves in their own way. We want real people to explain real experiences, not just what they think you should hear or what they think they should say. This age is categorized by dishonesty. Untruth is considered a way to hide from critics, trolls, or the intolerant people who dislike it when you tell your own truth. They might be happier with your statements if they fit within an existing and accepted structure of belief, but you will not be happy following their expectations. So we will tell our own truth as we experience it, because there is no use in lying about who we are and what we think and feel.

If you wish to contribute content to this site, please use the contact page to tell us about yourself and how you want to participate!

Thank you and much love to you all!