Siva and Parvati

Radha and Krishna are enjoying their youthful exuberance in their loving relations in their own dimensional space that is quite distinct from the physical world within which we act. Since they reside far from us, we are "locally: influenced by them through their expansions, Siva and Parvati, the Father and Mother of all entities who have chosen to accept this universal energy as their place of growth. Mother Parvati gives birth to our physical forms through her energy as Mother Nature while nurturing all by expanding her characteristic femininity to all mothers everywhere. Since Siva and Parvati are the embodiment of the potency of Radha and Krishna in this universe, they have a unique role in our development. Siva acts as the support and seed-giving father. He is both the supreme detached yogi and the energy behind all evolution by destroying the status quo and rearranging our universal field of activities to accommodate growth.

Siva and Parvati manifest on our altar as the Siva Lingam, which is the representation of their genitals in their function as the universal parents.

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