Mastering Our Natural Tuning Capacity

Tuning is a Combination of Receptivity and Transmission

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All of us have the capacity to tune to other people as we are born with it. If we learn to be aware of how this happens automatically in certain favorable situations, we can learn how to apply it consciously for our spiritual development.

Tuning is the art of vibrating in harmony with living energy. All forms of energy have a vibratory frequency. We know of the frequency of sound or light and we measure it in terms that are universally understood. Each note on a musical instrument vibrates at a different frequency that translates to a sound we hear, just as the colors have different frequencies that we can see. We tune our radio to the frequency of a station that broadcasts a signal that is received by our radio’s antenna that is converted into audible vibrations through a vibrating speaker. In other words, a wave is transmitted and received and according to the frequency of that wave it vibrates a speaker, pushing air to our ears. Our eardrums capture that frequency in the air and translate it into understandable patterns of music, speech and other sounds in our brain.

All of us are transmitters and receivers of frequency. We can speak through the vibration of our vocal chords and hear by receiving vibrations captured by our ear drums. We see light frequencies captured by our eyes. Although these are significant and important frequencies through which we perceive and share life, there are other, not as obvious frequencies that characterize our living condition. Before our birth, we feel the energetic vibrations of our mother while we are growing in her womb. If she is angry, we feel it. If she is happy, we feel that. We feel the love she sends us while anticipating our arrival in the outside world, and this reassures us. Sometimes, those who are not so lucky will feel their mother’s lack of interest in her child. After we are born, that receptivity, or that deeply tuned connection between mother and child continues. The mother can understand the baby best as the mother remains tuned to the baby’s needs and desires.

Love is a powerful transmission. When you feel love for another person, you broadcast it outwards. If the one you love is receptive to your love, as in a reciprocating relationship, they powerfully feel your transmission. This is an example of a loving vibration transmitted to a receptive recipient. But when you have enormous love for someone who does not feel love for you or perhaps strongly rejects it, you loving transmission fails to reach its goal. From this simple example, we can see how sharing energy depends on mutual receptivity.

Previously we spoke of energetic thought forms. One of the prerequisite qualities in the creation and reception of a thought form was that the transmission had to be in accordance with the energy of the target, for if there was no relationship the thought form would have no affect. There must be some kind of harmonic relationship between what is transmitted and the receiver of the transmission. This similarity in frequency does not necessarily have to be positive or pleasant. For example, if I hate you because of what you did to me, I send out waves of hatred towards you. As you actually did this to me and it was your energy that negatively impacted me, the frequency of my transmission of hatred will be in tune with your energy. Because it is in tune with your energy, it will affect you; however, as the intention of the wave form is to transmit hatred, you will not feel good about what you receive. This would be similar to our car radio receiving music that we do not like. The radio picks it up perfectly and we can hear it clearly and loudly, but we do not like it!

Just as we feel love or hate from another person, we similarly feel other qualities. Perhaps you have experience of a person entering the room who had serious problems or was very sad. As soon as they enter we all feel that something is wrong. Even if the other person does not speak, we intuitively know that something is wrong and we ask, “What is wrong? What happened?” Our capacity to feel the emotions of another person is a natural function of our awareness. As we tune to other people, we feel the vibrations they transmit. We continuously experience tuning to family members, lovers, friends, work mates or anyone with whom we share intense experiences. We accept this tuning as part of our normal life experience and do not question or consider
how we have this capacity. We are born with this capacity and consider it a normal part of life. Next —> Heightened Awareness