About Me and Yamaraj

Death personified. My name is the deva who is supposed to be in charge of death and dying. Yet I am working to give birth to the structure within which our deities will reside! So this is somewhat of a contradiction. How is this? The difficulty arises when one considers names. Some people are eager to have a new name given by someone they consider to be qualified to give names. They think this name is spiritual and somehow represents something about us that we did not previously know. We feel that we are part of a community when we are designated with a new name. However, as my name states, me and my name are quite different. I love life, I love living, and I have dedicated myself to facilitating your spiritual life within this wonderful structure I am working on.

If you really want a new name, pick one that you feel represents who you are and embrace that identity. If you need it to be approved, ask hari what he thinks about it. He will ask you if you like this name and if it feels good and if you say it does, he will congratulate you on your new name! Much fun here!

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