Connecting to the Divine

I am personally most interested in tuning to spiritual beings. I love to connect to the divine energy, embrace it, and flow with it. I am most happy when I connect to the divine and allow this reciprocating relationship to guide my life.

We can tune to the divine when we desire to do so, think it is valuable to do so, believe we can do it and recognize that the divine can reciprocate with us. By using the conscious meditative technique to tune ourselves to the same frequency as the divine we can connect to any spiritual being we wish, including God. How we define God is not important, for after all, God is God and is already defined in full in God’s own existence. However, one of the significant aspects of our personal spiritual energy is that our energy and the divine energy are similar. We are the energy of God, as is all things. As living spiritual energy, we are all similar for we are all God’s energy. We are therefore energetically one. It does not matter that God is very great, very far away, very aloof, or busily engaged in some form of creation as we often think. Right now all that matters is that we are all the same energy as a subset of God’s energy. The subset is the same energy as God, only a smaller part of it. What is important is that as a subset of the divine we can tune ourselves to the energy of the divine. Recognizing this capacity is a good starting point.

As I am familiar with spirituality that have icons or deities, I relate easily to them. Being a Catholic by birth and having lived within the Eastern traditions of temple worship for many years, I am very comfortable standing before religious symbols and not seeing the symbol as separate from the spirit it represents. I find it easy to come before these divine forms in my temple and simply stand there, arms slightly outstretched as if to catch their energy. The following meditation is a shortened form of the process of tuning to these divine beings. I include it because it is relevant to all religious systems regardless of whether there are forms involved or not. It may just as well be done by a person in a holy place or in nature. In this case one would replace the words “form” or “deity” with the address of the deva, God, or spiritual personality one wishes to experience. In essence, there is no difference as we are dealing with divine energy. I have personally experienced tuning to icons in various churches, temples, and even in a mosque without any apparent forms. All that is required is the intention to make the connection to the divine. I am most inclined to tune to forms in the temple and therefore this is how I structure this meditation. You can replace “deity” and “temple” with whatever words you like.

Standing before the deity in the temple, hold your arms slightly apart with your palms facing the deity. Gaze upon this form and relax yourself completely. Confirm your intention to accept the energy of love from the deity without fear. Do not limit yourself by thinking you cannot feel this energy. Simply accept whatever energy you feel.

You and the deity are of the same energy. In your relaxation, tune to your energy. Then energetically turn to the deity and invite the energy of the deity to yourself. Feel their energy flow towards you without cessation or limit.

The deity represents the source of all energy and has great power. Simply accept that power. Be consciously aware of the energy that is flowing towards you. The deity wants to connect to you and wants you to feel their energy of divine love. Allow this love to flow over you, into you, into every cell of your body. Let this love flow into your being as you simply accept it without demand, without limitation, without judging yourself. Allow yourself to float in this love and feel it more and more as you absorb it like a sponge. Feel how good it is, how beautiful and how natural. Float in this love without thought, without concern, without fear. Feel their divine love.

Once one has gained the capacity to tune to the energy of the divine, we are ready to move to the next stage. This is easier to do than we would imagine as we are of the same energy as the divine and if we can feel our own energy we can theoretically feel the energy of the divine. In the above meditation, we tuned ourselves as a receptive antenna to capture the loving frequency of the divine. Now we shall transmit our energy to the divine.

As we are intimately related to God and all that is divine in this existence, reciprocating with the divinity should not be a complex task. In essence, there is only one of us for we are all linked as subsets of that one spiritual energy that is the totality of all existence. We are all spiritual energy, related in a union that becomes Us when we connect to each other and to the divine. Indeed, our nature as living spiritual beings is nothing other than spiritual divine energy. It is only in our stressful states of fearfulness that we assume alternate identities in this physical realm. This is not required and it is not in our interests to continually maintain this illusion. By accepting the energy of the divine, we directly experience our own divinity. As we are divine, we not only receive love but send love. In our next step in tuning to the divine, we shall send to the divine our energy of love.

Stand before the deity and accept the love of the divine. While feeling their love, feel the love in your own heart. Your love is the same divine quality and is therefore good enough to offer to the divine. You are divine essence. Without judging your energy and without fear, feel your love and send your love to the deity. Present your love to the divine as the offering of your being. Feel how the deity accepts your love without judging you, appreciating it, embracing it. Feel this acceptance. Be grateful for it. Continue to let your love flow to the divine.

Accepting and sending love are easy, natural, and an intimate parts of everyone’s life. Reciprocating with the divine in this way is easy as divine beings have no need to gain anything from you. There is nothing God does not already have except your love. Even though this reciprocal acceptance and transmission may seem complete, there is one more step in this spiritual tuning process:

Stand before the deity and accept the loving energy from the divine. Send your loving energy to the divine while still receiving love from the deity. Have your love and the love of the deity meet halfway between you as your spiritual energies meet in an embrace of pure love. Let this embrace create “us-ness” as you and the divine become one in that spiritual union. Let the two become one. Feel this loving connection. Hold it. Feel the intimate sharing of love between you. Float in that embrace.

I cannot describe the beauty of this experience. It transcends sectarian boundaries as it is a natural experience shared by all beings. It is our nature, but we have forgotten it over time. Once one regains this connection, one sees life in a different way. One is transformed. How we transform depends on who we are and how we manifest our life, but changed we must be. Unless we go out of our way to destroy this spiritual connection – I cannot imagine why one would do this, but just for the sake of argument – we shall feel this connection in our meditative states at will. Indeed, we can reproduce it as we wish.