Durga, Ganesha, Garuda and Hanuman

Goddess Durga is an expansion of Mother Parvati who cares about the lives of those who live on Earth. If requested, she can bless all endeavors and fulfill all desires. She can heal, grant benedictions, and create wonderful situations for one she favors, but will destroy those who are wicked and cruel. She is incredibly powerful, yet can be the kindest and most loving mother to those who are sensitive to her energy.

Ganesha has already been explained above. Although he stands together with his family on the altar, his larger form has a special place facing the main altar in honor of his special capacity to bless our endeavors and facilitate our evolution.

Garuda stands at the back of the temple room, ready to carry the predominating deities to any destination they desire. It is on his wings they travel, not because they need them, but because of his desire to be of service to them in this manner. He is strong, powerful, undefeatable, and always ready to protect his lords. He is ready to assist those who desire to perform service to his deity.

Hanuman supports our endeavor to connect to our Deities and is always ready to offer protection and inspiration. He is ever ready to be of service to his deities.