Radha and Krishna

Radha and Krishna are not yet installed in their own forms on the altar in the temple but there are plans to do so; therefore we shall discuss them here. Although they are present in Lord Caitanya, seeing them in their individual glory is spiritually inspiring for they embody all that we value and thirst for in loving relationships. In this world, the relations between the male and female energies supports and resolves all actions. This fundamental principle permeates all existence in its sensual and progressive push of all development, and it is powered by the life force of these divine personalities. There is difficulty in discussing a division of these sources of energy from the complete whole, for by separating ourselves from them or them from us in any way is to tear at the very spiritual energetic fabric that is existence. Thus discussions of them as source and we as emanation, whether philosophically correct or not, somewhat cloud the reality of our oneness and our capacity to experience the inherent and unbreakable spiritual connection we have with the supreme divine beings, Radha and Krishna. We can easily create a strong and deeply moving connection with them if we tune to them by standing before their beautiful forms with our hands outstretched to catch their vibrant and encouraging love. Since their forms resemble their natural personalities, they make such connections easy by suggesting a harmonization of our natural sensuality with the spiritual loving relationship they have. Their integrated love is all encompassing and forges a unification of the two who are one in their love and who are characterized by their non-differentiated interests as lover and beloved.

It would be disharmonious to tune to them as the mother and father (or even master) of all existence for they do not exemplify the responsibility of parenting all creation. They are as teen-agers exploring and rejoicing in their youthful sensuality that flows like a volcanic powerhouse of passionate relationship. They attract all beings and forces within existence to remain compact within them, for they are the pivotal encapsulating supreme cohesion of wholeness that we feel and within which we blissfully remain. They are the ideal, the goal, the path and the refuge, and yet they infuse all situations with a laughter born of the joy of life. They share their every moment as the energy that supports all things, as they are the complete all-encompassing existence. We inspire and increase their love when we connect with them in a harmonious integration of our loving energy. Our integration with their loving frequency strengthens the continuously expanding patterns of loving interactions that incessantly work to restore loving balance within the complete whole. Next —> Siva and Parvati