Tuning to the higher reality

Thinking again about the shoes… they are so important to protect us from the harsh roads, and still, we need them also to have the grip to the path, which can be slippery too. Same way, we are given our senses to relate to the environment where we are living now. Always gliding, without a grip, we cannot go anywhere! To be able to function properly, we need interaction with the world around, and we are now in this world which is called the gross reality, and in the gross reality we have to have the gross senses. We need really tough boots, isn’t it? :) but as the time progresses, we begin to perceive the more subtle world, and the senses also become more subtle and sublime, so we are able to relate to the new surrounding and gradually it becomes our solid reality, so much so that the previous and gross one is becoming irrelevant (as it is subsequent to the subtle one) and winter shoes - unnecessary :) maybe, sometimes… or if the winter comes back!

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