The Art of Connection

To use this state to tune to other energies outside of our own requires that we expand our meditation:

We shall now increase our awareness of our own energy, the basis of our existence. Remaining totally relaxed, be aware of your heart region. Your energetic body is centered here. Feel the energy there by simply being aware of it. Allow yourself to feel this energy without fear and without judgment. There is no right or wrong feeling, no better or worse. There simply is, nothing more, nothing less. You are what you are, so simply accept what you are by allowing yourself to feel deeply your own energy. Feel how your energy expands outwards from your heart, as a source of spiritual power colorfully emanating in all directions. It is good and right. It is you. Just bask in your energy as it flows out from your heart. It is beautiful. Feel the love that is naturally there in your heart. Feel how your beautiful love naturally flows out when you allow it to, without fear, without anxiety. You have nothing to defend, nothing to prove. Just be what you are, simply be.

You have just accomplished the prerequisite connection to your own energy. Once you become aware of the nature and quality of your own energy and have accepted that as good, you are now ready to move to the next step to connect with another person.

Relax. Be aware of your energy and the peace you feel. Let go of any expectation and let go of all demands you have on yourself. You do not need to be anything or do anything. You are connected with your spiritual self and are in control in full awareness.

Think about the person you love the most. It does not matter whether they are alive or have passed from this world. Place their image in your consciousness and feel their presence. Feel their energy by visualizing them before you, close to you. Be aware of their energy and feel it. Accept their energy completely without fear. Do not analyze what you feel, simply accept it. Hold out your hands before you in a gesture of acceptance and allow their energy to flow to you. Embrace their energy with love and reciprocate with them by offering your loving energy in return. Remain in this state for as long as you like.

By meditating on the person you love the most, you may easily understand the meditative mechanism to connect to others. You relax, you accept yourself, you accept another person, and you allow yourself to be energetically aware of them. This meditation should be done with those you love. You would not want to do this with someone you dislike for it will create dissonance.

To tune to someone with whom you do not have a loving relation, to assist them or understand them better, one uses a similar technique without accepting their energy by embracing it or reciprocating with it. One becomes aware of their energy and the information that their energy contains and accepts it as it is without distorting it with one’s own expectations or prejudices. Through such acceptance one gains the knowledge needed to assist them. Tuning to them is done in a passive mode without interacting with the subject. Although passive tuning different than actively tuning to a loved one, it’s value depends on what it is one wishes to accomplish. After all, tuning depends on desire.

Here is a sample meditation where the motivation is to be of service to someone. One tunes to that person to gain important information. This may be done when one has attained complete relaxation and is in tune with one’s own personal energy and its power:

Be aware of your own energy and how powerful you are. Be confident in your power. Be aware of your personal integrity and embrace your integrity of being.

Visualize before you the person to whom you wish to connect to. Allow their energy to enter into your field of perception. Intend to be an observer seeking information. Feel their energy and be aware of any image, thought, idea or perception that flows to you from them. Observe the information that comes to you and do not distort this information with your consciousness. Allow all images to be what they are without trying to make them something you wish them to be. You are a passive observer. Simply accept this information as it is without transforming it. Be aware of all communication from their energy and accept it. Accept this communication in the spirit of mindful listening as you observe and experience all that person transmits.

If it is appropriate, you may respond to this information with positive feedback or healing. Respecting and understanding the integrity of the one to whom you are connected, ask how you may be of service to this person. Appreciate their situation. Desire to be of service.

Not everyone will want to be of service in this manner. I have included this section here for those who do. Remember, one must be well equipped with personal ethics and morality, for one should not push upon another or interfere with their free will. We should not consider that we know what is best for others or insist that they think as we do. Our conceptions of what is proper or not are not necessarily relevant to another for their experiences throughout their many lifetimes in this realm are not similar to ours. We cannot possibly know the millions of different factors that affect another person. Telling others what to do is not going to help them as much as facilitating their discovery of what is best for themselves. After all, as we are responsible for our own choices and actions, helping others to gain insight and wisdom in their own way is the best help you can give anyone.

This capacity to tune to someone can be dangerous in the wrong hands. I do not wish to keep it secret since those who wish to do harm to others or who think they do good for others by interfering with their chosen paths of life already know this art well. Besides, if one wishes to do harm, one can harm another simply by unconsciously creating energetic thought forms or other psychic weapons. However, the overriding ethic to be remembered is to not tune to someone who does not wish us to tune to them and to not interfere with their free will or desire. Do no harm. Be of service. Exploiting another person, even if we think it is for their own ultimate good will create unwanted reactions and consequences that will backfire on us.
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