What is real and what is not real?

World around us can be seen in different ways.

One of them, let’s say, is to accept it as it seems to be, as circumstances where we are put in to live our life happily and then eventually die, leaving some vague memories in the people’s minds, good or bad - it doesn’t really matter :)

And still another is to look at it as placed around us for a certain purpose, with a certain intention. Maybe if it is done on a sole and plane purpose to test our patience? to test our capacity of resisting the challenges, be it good or bad. Endure without losing tenderness… To endure, to keep calm, since overreacting on the push of the sense objects brings us under their control. Very simple: this interactions bring us out of our state of harmony and divine connection, and we are dropped into the pool of unpredictable events, and we are left totally dependent on their course of action. No matter if it is pleasurable or unpleasurable, it is all about to disconnect us. Test? Or maybe Krishna is tasting us? our degree of sweetness, if we can say like this? The more dependence on Him, the sweeter it becomes. Yes, ultimately it is not really a learning process, we are already there: right here, ring now, in front of Him. No jokes. And if we see Him behind the screen or not, this is totally up to us. Question of faith, of faithfulness. So our internal peace and happiness shall depend solely on His pleasure. If we choose to nourish ourselves from the higher sources, but are still in the material world, we may end up in starvation, the risk is high like anything. Who can guarantee that this connection is sustainable? No guarantee!!! Jumping from the cliff, with eyes closed out of fear, hoping the wings will not give up?.. Someone is crying out of pain. What is your first instinct? Rush, help, heal! Or? Listen to the inner voice for a second. Ask for advice. That’s what doctors do. Seen it with my own eyes. Someone may blame you for inadequacy. But is it so? What can little me do if everything is in the Lord’s hands. He reassures, He promises. Do we trust, in the critical moment? Often times not. And why? - we lost the mercy. Here we go. We hurt Him, at one point or another. Betrayed our most beloved. So be it, He says. It is not that He is indifferent, oh no! He notices every single movement of our soul and reciprocates. He tries hard to keep calm, but He is hurt. Where, what? figure it out, urgently, immediately, there is no more important business than that! Is it not too late??? Maybe He still can change His mind and smile at us, and help, and heal, us and the other one, and the other, and the whole world. Don’t miss your chance, please don’t! You will regret fervently! It may sound almost impossible, as we are still so far!!! But gradually, moment by moment, step by step. Keep faith. Keep your tenderness.


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