Expression Can Take Many Forms!

I like to be creative. If you read my comments on my personal website, you will find that creativity is integral to who I am. Externally, I may appear to be an extrovert who does public speaking, programs, or seminars within large groups of people, but I am more of an extroverted introvert who emerges from his internal environment when the need arises. I like to create art, music, theater or drama, take photos, make videos, or when I have to, create websites to facilitate spirituality. I enjoy landscape design, building structure and design, project engineering, or any form of creation that involves research and development. I love plants and growing vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers. I find that projects such as these define me far better than what I might say in public, yet what I say also defines who I am for it expresses my essence.

I want to discuss next divine energy as it manifests within a sacred space. Although this topic is old for me now, age is not an issue. When I first started speaking about it in 1980, most could not understand what I was saying. Because people have evolved, perhaps the time is right!