Divine Harmony

We are Divine Harmony. We are a group of individuals desiring to experience the divine state of spiritual balance. Because we are living beings who make choices at every moment, the world we live in is in a constant flux. Balance is hard to find and hard to maintain once it is attained. To counter the ever present destabilizing forces that stress us, we join together to experience our inherent connection to divine energy. We feel that the name “Divine Harmony” best represents our spiritual vision and encourages our endeavor.

All things rest within the matrix of spirit and therefore divinity is everywhere. What we place upon this divine foundational web depends on our choices, some of which are based on our free will, others forced upon us by circumstance. Choices made unconsciously, without focused awareness, tend to create dissonance. Those of us within Divine Harmony practice the art of increasing awareness, removing distractions from consciousness, and acting in the mood of being of service.

What do we mean by Divine? We use this word to represent the most powerful spiritual personalities and the all-encompassing energy that expands from them. Traditionally, one used the word God to represent the supreme being who is seen as male. We have difficulty with the word God because we see the supreme beings as a combination of male and female. Our deities, Radha and Krishna, are God to us. Caitanya is the combined form of Radha and Krishna, so our search for divinity begins with these personalities. They are divine and their energy is similarly divine because the energy and the energetic source are one. We are all emanations from these divine beings and as spiritual energy, we are also divine. Naturally, one finds numerous differences in power and potency between the source of divinity and the emanation from divinity, but we are not concerned with this obvious difference. Our intention is to experience our natural spiritual essence and within this awareness connect to the source of all divinity. Divine Harmony means to experience the deep connection we have with God. After all, this is our nature!

Because we desire to experience divine harmony with the supreme divinity, we invite Radha and Krishna, Caitanya and Nityananda, and some of their expansions, into our Temple of Divine Harmony. We care for them and connect to them, for within this connection between God and human we find purpose, meaning, joy, and the resolution of doubt. Our role within existence becomes more clearly defined as the deities in our temple share with us their divine energy. When we accept them as they are without questioning the experience, we are flooded with their love and overwhelmed by their presence. In this state of acceptance, we send our loving energy to them and embrace in a sublime state of Us-ness — the ultimate state of divine harmony.

When we are in a harmonic resonance with the divine, whatever dissonance we have created in our lives becomes unattractive. Rejecting dissonant, distorted energy becomes our discipline. We replace futile spiritual endeavors, even those initiated with great sincerity and enthusiasm, with eagerness to remain in the embrace of our Deity. This website represents our desire to share this experience with you.

Below is a YouTube video presentation by Hari (Robert Campagnola) explaining the creation of this site and its purpose. If you want to listen only in English, please pan your speakers to mute the Russian translation.