From Triveni

Hi! I am new here, and it feels thrilling to start writing something on my own. Anyway, I will try my best to express some thoughts and realizations since I received a beautiful encouragement to do this recently. This time I would like to share some reflections on the last lecture by Hari about Honesty... It was a very deep topic and it made me thinking - what it actually means to be honest? And why is it so difficult sometimes to be truthful? Then it kind of struck me that it might be some higher purpose in this, like a special arrangement of Mother Nature to press us so hard that we would realize the absurdity of situation we are in - in a situation of a huge contradiction. She is practically provoking us to rebel against the current arrangement and to set new priorities for ourselves... So, while the truth may be a relative thing and subjective, the honesty is something that comes from our heart, when we are connected to our inner self and can hear the inner voice. And to be honest, in it's essence, means to be truthful to our inner deeper feeling. We may call it different names, but the ultimate purpose is to switch from external perception and to have trust in this very fine voice, no matter how hard may be challenges... Well, I may be wrong, but I simply trust in a good character of Mother Nature and her good intentions. Everything has a higher purpose, after all! :)
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